Brave Bully Rescue is a 501(3) non-profit , foster-based Pit Bull Rescue in Houston, Texas.

We are a rescue group comprised of members who love bully breeds and have made the choice to educate and advocate for this misunderstood breed.

We will fight for their lives and show the world this magnificent breed that has been tarnished by dog fighters, criminals and negative media. Brave Bully Rescue began when the founders discovered three Pit bull puppies that were dumped in their neighborhood. They reached out to a few Houston shelters and learned that they would be euthanized. So they decided to network on Facebook, asking for help from local rescues. They realized how bad the overpopulation of Pit Bulls and strays consumed in Houston, Texas. Rescues were full and the amount of bully breed rescues in Houston was limited. So they took to the internet in order to network and share Pit Bulls who were on death row in high-kill shelters.

Eric and Monica Febles started organizing the rescue and finding others that shared their passion for the breed.

Brave Bully Rescue began on March 14, 2014 and has saved over 800 lives to date. Their goal is to instill a positive presence of advocacy for responsible bully breed ownership and to find their adoptable bullies a loving forever home. 

BBR strives to educate the public and their adopted families by helping their bullies become ambassadors for the breed by recommending and providing local obedience training .