Foster homes are the lifeline of rescue groups. Without new loving foster homes, the number of bully’s that can be saved is very limited. Giving a shelter dog a temporary loving home is what keeps them away from euthanasia.


Some of our bully friends may need a few weeks to recover from spay/neuter surgery or until they can find their forever loving homes. Puppies are preferably fostered until they are of age, minimum of 12-16 weeks in order to be entered in the adoption program. Some bullies need a foster base-home so they can learn some basics like housetraining, housebreaking, kennel training and what it is like to have a family. Our goal is for them to learn simple manners that will make them more adoptable.


Any potential foster can be someone who works outside of the home, stays at home, single or married with or without children. The foster may reside in a big house or apartment. What we look in a foster is a loving, patient, caring and protective temporary parent. These babies just need someone that can give them a lot of TLC!!


We will make sure to match you or your family with a pet that suits your lifestyle. Being a foster involves a lot of work, commitment and dedication, but it is extraordinarily rewarding! Some foster experience will be dealing with an abuse or neglected bully friend who will flourish under your care. Brave Bully Rescue will cover all veterinary expenses and special diets and medications. All expenses must be approved first by Brave Bully Rescue. As a foster, you should be prepared to furnish good quality food, clean water, proper exercise, comfortable place to sleep and lots of LOVE!!


Please submit your application today and Brave Bully Rescue will make sure to match you with a bully buddy that needs your LOVE and CARE!