Foster Application

Foster homes are the lifeline of rescue groups. Without new loving foster homes, the number of bullies that can be saved is very limited. Giving a homeless pet a temporary loving home is what keeps them away from high kill shelters and the busy dangerous streets of Houston, and surrounding areas. What we look in a foster is a loving, patient, caring and protective temporary parent. These babies just need someone that can give them a lot of tlc!! Being a foster involves a lot of work, commitment and dedication, but it is extraordinarily rewarding! Some foster experiences will be seeing an abuse or neglected bully friend flourish under your care. Please fill out a foster application and brave bully rescue will make sure to match you with a bully friend that needs your love and care!




All applicants must be at least 21 years old in order to foster for our rescue. Any adult that will be involved in well-being and responsibility of the care and safety of our foster dog must be included in the application. Incomplete applications will only delay the foster process and can be subject to rejection. Please read carefully and answer all questions. It normally requires 1- 3 days for us to process a foster application and approve, depending on the availability of our volunteers. It also depends on how quickly we are able to contact your references, landlord, etc. Applications that are selected will go through all necessary checks to ensure a proper home for our bullies. If the application is approved, our foster coordinator will contact the applicant(s) to set up a home visit for final approval.

    Applicants Information

    Contact information

    Applicant’s full name:
    Dl or ID number:
    Expiration date:
    Date of birth:
    Cell phone number:
    Full street home address:

    Co-applicants name:
    Dl or id number & expiration date:
    Date of birth:
    Cell phone number:

    Relationship to applicant:
    Number of adults in household:
    Relationship of other adults in household:

    Name and phone # of other adults (not listed in applicant section):

    Do you rent or own? rentown

    If you rent, does your lease allow pit-bull or pit-bull type dogs? YesNo
    Name of landlord:
    Phone Number:

    What is your residence type? homeapartmentcondomobilehomeother:

    Number of (two-legged) children in household:
    Please list their ages:
    Is anyone home during the day? YesNo

    If no, how many hours would the dog be left unattended?

    Where will your dog be kept during the day?
    Where will your dog sleep at night?

    What is your experience level as a pet owner?

    Do all applicants have experience and knowledge with bully breeds in general? YesNo

    How many years of experience do you have?

    Are you willing to participate in our training program? YesNo

    Which of the following behaviors or characteristics present a problem for you? (please check all that apply)
    house trainingchewingjumping on furnitureaggressionbasic obedience issues

    How will you resolve those problems?

    Have you ever worked with a rescue organization? YesNo

    Which one(s)?

    It may take your foster dog a month or more to decompress or adjust to a new home. Are you willing to allow this much time for adjustment? YesNo

    I am willing to foster:


    Pregnant mothers: YesNo

    Nursing mom & pups: YesNo

    Pups – weaned: YesNo

    Pups - not weaned: YesNo

    Juveniles (young): YesNo

    Adults: YesNo


    special needs (physical)special needs (medical)needs a calm place (fearful)needs socialization (aggressive / non-combative)No preference

    surrendersshelter dogno preference

    Have you ever administered medication to a dog? YesNo

    Are you comfortable administering medication to a dog? YesNo

    Have you ever trimmed dog's nails? YesNo

    Are you comfortable doing this? YesNo

    Describe any special experience you have had with dogs & pups:
    I am familiar with winning pups.I am familiar with bottle feeding pups.I am familiar giving medications.I am familiar with giving care of special needs.
    Please describe:

    I have veterinarian/nursing or medical experience: YesNo
    If yes, please describe:

    Describe your home:

    Current Pet Experience

    Are there other animals in your home? YesNo

    When was the last time you had any animals, what type, how many, and where are they now?

    Current Pet Information

    Dogs name & breed:

    Number of dogs:

    Please list other pets that reside at your home excluding dogs:

    Are all animals up to date with their shots (dhpp, bordetella, rabies) and on hw and flea prevention? YesNo

    Please explain why?

    Are all animals spayed/neutered? YesNo

    Please explain?

    Are you willing to have your personal pet spayed/neutered? YesNo

    Veterinarian information

    Vet's name:
    Phone number:

    Do all animals see the same veterinarian? YesNo
    If no, please list other vet clinics:

    Number of family members in the home:

    Children's ages:
    Have your children been around pets? YesNo

    Please list 3 References that are not family related

    Reference 1

    Full Name:
    Phone Number:
    Years of Relationship:

    Reference 2

    Full Name:
    Phone Number:
    Years of Relationship:

    Reference 3

    Full Name:
    Phone Number:
    Years of Relationship:

    Fostering expectations and responsibilities

    I understand and agree to the following:

    • All animal(s) in foster homes are ultimately in the custody of Brave Bully Rescue.

    • Veterinary care will be provided by Brave Bully Rescue, through our vet clinic.
      As a foster for Brave Bully Rescue I am expected to attend the training program with advance notification, foster parents will work with Brave Bully Rescue to get their foster animal(s) to the veterinarian on time for routine medical care.

    • All veterinary care will be scheduled by a designated member of Brave Bully Rescue and foster parents will be kept informed of when medical care is required.

    • Foster animal(s) must remain inside the residence of the foster parent at all times except for transportation to and from the veterinary clinic.

    • In cases of medical emergencies, foster parents will contact Monica Febles or Catherine Ramirez for approval prior to bringing foster animal(s) to an emergency care facility or the rescues veterinarian.

    • Foster parents agree to follow the advice of the veterinarian, and foster care coordinator to the best of their ability, when caring for foster animal(s). Foster parents are not allowed to medicate a rescue dog without approval of Monica Febles, Catherine Ramirez, or rescue veterinarian.

    • Foster parents agree to attend adoption events, volunteer and help out when needed. Adoption events will be notified to foster parents in advance.

    • Foster parents will surrender any foster animal(s) in their care when requested by Brave Bully Rescue.

    • Foster parents are required to give Brave Bully Rescue a minimum of 72 hour notice, if circumstances change and they need to have the foster animal(s) relocated to another foster home.

    • Foster is required to provide animal(s) such as dry food, wet food and toys. Brave Bully Rescue will provide medical care and medication if needed. Foster parents may purchase items for foster animal(s); however they will not be reimbursed for these items unless prior approval to purchase and a receipt is received by a member of Brave Bully Rescue.

    • Brave Bully Rescue is not liable for any claims, legal actions, losses, injuries to human and animals, damages, costs, expenses or liabilities whatsoever in connection with the fostering of our dogs.

    Please print below your first and last name followed by your signature to indicate your acceptance of the above terms. By signing this application indicates your agreement to be bound by the above terms.